GO DO. Productions is a small production house that strives to make content of social relevance and impact. Founded in 2013 by Cylan Shaffer alongside long-time working partner Fiona Foster, GO DO. strives to educate and influence through our film work.

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In 2010, depression became the number one disability in the world. Inspired by our own experiences with depression, Below Tides is our latest dance film, created to raise awareness and educate audiences on mental illness. Currently in post-production, the film is set to release January 2017.

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In 2015, Artifact Dance Project appointed Cylan Shaffer as resident film artist to produce and direct a series of short dance films. Their finished project, Seven Deadly Sins, made its world premiere on April 14th, 2016 at Tucson's beloved arthouse, The Loft Cinema, one of 17 theaters invited to be part of the Sundance Institute's Art House Project based on their excellence of programming and service to the community.

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Seven Deadly Sins

Created as a series for the Artifact Dance Project, each film explores one of the seven deadly sins through movement and sound.

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Neðan Fjöru (Below Tides)

A man struggles with overcoming his own depression until a mysterious forces brings him back to life.

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Ljósið (The Light)

A man fights to overcome his fears and embarks on a journey of discovery through life, love, and self. Ljósið (The Light) is an extraordinary performance piece of stunning emotion as two dancers explore the boundaries of love, loss, acceptance, and denial.

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UK artist Ethav discovered the footage for this project online and was drawn to the strong presence of the female dancer that visually embodied the meaning of her single, Warrior. It was then reedited and launched as her official music video.

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Rethink Your Role

The University of Arizona's Residence Life staff discuss the definitions of diversity, social justice, and identity. RAs talk about why they value social justice in their personal lives, as well as how they work to be social justice advocates in their role as RAs.

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Professor Douglas Nielsen at The University of Arizona School of Dance partnered with The Creative Center of Photography and took his advanced choreography class to his exhibit to explore and discover artistic freedom.

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